GBfans dust up my side:

I have now been placed on Post Approval status which means that I can not effectively defend myself over there
because the Admin/Mods are going to be approving my posts. I won't be going back. Here's the story so far:

AJ Quick has been accusing me of hoarding information, he brings up past arguments that has been proven false
but still quotes them as fact. Just the fact that this website exists puts that to rest.

When I caught AJ Quick himself in hoarding information his "prop mafia" attacked me.

I brought up the side argument about how he is raping Ghostbuster fans by selling parts for over 3X the actual
price, typical accepted markup is between 40-100% .

Within the course of the argument he admitted to rifling through private messages.

AJ is dishonest, hypocritical and an unethical creep for going through individual's private messages, withholding
information and bilking fans of money.

To add to my account, over the last several years over there at GBfans I attempted to update my avatar several
times only to have it taken down by admins for violating the avatar size limit, thing is it was never over the limit in
pixels or MBs . Each time I made it a little smaller and it got taken down, finally I just left it blank. Funny that there
were much larger avatars than mine.

Also I started notice my posts disappear whether it be just a simple post or even full on threads.

And finally It's time to pop a little secret that you might not know, There are several hidden forums and galleries on
the board. AJ has been hoarding all kinds of stuff behind our backs, some 200 or so photos. Most of them are
really large photos of the proton packs and most importantly the slimebowers in the Sony archives. Of course AJ will
disavow it but it's there.


AJ seems to want to play games, fine be it. He even is now reading my site. He has no problem posting private
messages or even edited site logs. What is his problem? All he has to do is continue on doing what he does and
ignore me. But he can't.  

As for the videos of the PKE meter, I actually shared both videos within a week of my documentation. I had moved
to another ISP a little before one of the two videos was corrupted on my computer and the floppy it was recorded on
was already erased. I placed a topic up on either the ASAP or Proptopia asking if anyone had saved the original
video since my old ISP canned all the files. Volguus came forward and provided a copy. So if I never shared those
videos I would have never had the one. It took me that long to remember that I had the two videos and put them in
an area on the internet that was properly suited for them. I should link them to my PKE documentation pages huh?  

The history of the quest for the PKE meter is a scattered story, involving several people and several years. In a nut
shell here is.  Originally it was thought to be built from a electric carving knife with the dial on the back running the
wings up and down. After I found the Iona shoe polisher the quest was on to find the original prop because at the
time all the reference that was available was the VHS tape of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II . I had posted that it
was a rental prop from Modern Props and had actually called them and talked with several people who worked
there including the owner, I even went as far as having a visit. Armed with new information the names of the
makers, we'll call them Mr X and Mr Y , and the knowlege  that one of them had died but not knowing which.  I set
out to find the one remaining maker that was still alive. It turns out that Mr X was still alive and living in the Los
Angeles area. Calling him and leaving a message on his answering machine that was something like, Hello this is
Brent Kling I'm calling Mr X looking for a prop he made for Modern Props please give me a call when you can,
Thank's . With in minutes I received a call from the one and only Mr X . He asked me if I needed it for a production
and I stated no, that I was a collector looking to build one for myself. We then talked for some 45 minutes or so
about a variety of props that he and Mr Y had built. He told me that he didn't have it but he did have the Gigameter
and to call in a few days and he would see what he could find. I called him back in a couple days ( who wouldn't? )
and he told me he found some pictures and some sample parts. He said that I could have the parts but he wanted
the pictures back. Within a few days I had the package in hand, a set of lighting gels used to color and diffuse the
screen, a burnt out servo of the same size and type used in the prop, a piece of wire used as push rod between the
servo and arm, a RC servo ball joint of the type used on the PKE, a switch used as the power on and screen select,
a couple rectangular leds used on the face, a bag of grain of rice light bulbs used in the arms and screen and a
.080 square piece of styrene used for the back ribs, Oh and those photos.  

I called him again to tell him that I received the package, thanked him and told him that I was going to send the
photos back. He told me that he had found some photos of the Gigameter and the top hat but he thinks that he
threw the body away. We got to talking about the gigameter and he was pretty sure that body was scratch built but
that he really didn't know because Mr Y was the one who built the bodies and he built the electronics. The last I
talked with him he was going to send out the Gigameter pictures along with the top hat and that again all he wanted
back was the pictures. Somewhere around here the contact stopped. I contacted one of the people at Modern
Props and was told that someone had called them and was kind of very assertive and told them about building a
run of PKE meters. From what I've gathered Modern Props called Mr X and spoiled the waters as it seems. Later on
I learned that this person was probably a young kid who hung out on our board by the name of Ryan.

A while later I was able to find the person who owned the PKE and the rest is history. I bought a new digital camera
one of the top of the line models a Sony Mavica 1.3MP with a 3 1/2" floppy drive. At the time most cameras were a
smaller MP with small memory sticks and the disk drive was pretty cool with a full 1.44 MB on each disk at it highest
setting it would take three pictures per disk or a 10 second movie per disk. Now a days it's pretty antiquated, my
pocket camera has 7.2 mp and can take some 300 pictures on a small flash card.          

There's a new post over at GBfans:

" Well some of you remember Brent Kling aka Cyland Props, he was someone who I used to trust
and he was allowed access to these photos. A while later Cyland decided that he wasn't being given
the "credit" that he was due in the fandom and he began acting spitefully. He released those photos
to Kenny Brandzel aka Phish4Dinner, a member who is now banned here because of his erratic

I did not release these photos to anyone. Period.  Vinny,  what are you smoking?

In addition to these photos I have several photos of more Packs and even some Slime Blowers
which I received from CylandProps. Since Cyland has had no problem distributing my photos I
consider our gentleman's agreement null so as a further treat you now get to see those too

He didn't receive any photos from me, ever. Period.  All photos that I received under a  N.D.A. have
never left my possession. Period.

Want to blow this wide open? I received the SlimeBlower photos from Vincent along with several other
photos that were taken deep from within the Sony Archives. They appeared to me to be from the
Master Replicas research on the failed Ghostbusters line of products. I had posted a few progress
photos of my Slimeblower build on a Facebook hidden thread,  that were taken along side some of the
photos that he provided.  So I'm unsure what "photos" he is refering to, Is he trying to "blackmail" me
with  photos that I never got during the N.D.A. . Enquiring minds want to know.
Since Vincent Nordone threatened to post the pictures of the
Slimeblower which he claimed to get from me and has not as of yet
done so,
I Have, Check out the Ghostbusters
section of my site.