Psychic Disturbance
The Ghostbusters II props known as Pyschic Disturbance
Neutralizers were seen briefly during the montage sequence
during Ghostbusters II. Sometimes also referred to as tripod traps
because of the yellow and black caution stripes around the plex
tubing that is also common on the Ghost Trap. Since they were
rental props they also appeared in several other programs

Star Trek The Next Generation:
Lois And Clark- The New Adventures Of Superman:
..And Seaquest DSV
Here's some pictures I took some time back of the original props:
Page two
Notice the wire that
connects the tripods to
the control box is
wound up and hanging
from a hook on the
backside.  The wire is
wrapped with flat
glossy black telephone
wire. Also to note is
the curly cord running
from the black box,
through the frame to
the indicator light on
top of the frame.