Psychic Disturbance
Neutralizers Page Three
Placed in a circle, three camera ball mounts were attached with
telescoping metal antennas capped with bi-pin light bulbs and
holders. In the movie the bulbs in these antennas would light as the
tripods neutralized the phscyhic energy with in the room. This scene
comes to a humorous conclusion when the energy is neutralized and
the expensive crystals come crashing down distroying the glass cases
directly below.

The Tripod were simple unmodified camera tripods made by Veldon
attached to the bottom.

Here's pictures of the control box:
Not a whole lot is known about this box. It looks like a stock
military surplus piece with added parts:
Two large toggle switches with red lockout covers and a pair of
Dialight or Dialco indicator lights were added one white, one
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