Psychic Disturbance
Neutralizers Page Two
The upper part of these tripods were V-ring meters. V-ring meters
were made for tuning airplane antennas and were made by the
Scanwell Laboratories.
The main body was gutted but the meter was left. Just below the
meter a three position toggle switch was added. Above the meter is
a black frame that was retained and a red lens was added inside
this lens a ten segment L.E.D. display was added, when turned on
this sequences back and forth. On the right side a small black
rectangular project enclosure, trimmed at an angle, was added. On
this box is a small green indicator lamp and a black coiled cord that
attaches to a light on the upper frame. On the other side a larger
project box was added again trimmed at an angle and a number
painted on it. Again a coiled cord was added that runs up to
another indicator light. On the back side a simple cord hook made
from a piece of metal stock bent in a near S shape. The main power
cord simply goes into the rear panel.

The tube was removed and replaced with a 3" acrylic tube lined
with a translucent yellow and black striped piece of plastic. Lights
were placed in the tube to illuminate it when in use. The fiberboard
hooks were removed and
the upper plate was flipped from its stock
position and two lights, which were mentioned earlier, were added
that also light when in use. On top of the acrylic tube a cap made
from the top of the original metal tube was placed. Just above this
cap was placed a rubber boot and on to this boot a round disk made
of metal.
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