News about the PKE meter
PKE Meter
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The makers of the PKE meter were Brent Scrivener
and Earl (last name withheld because he requested
it) . The people who owned it for some 22-23 years
after Brent's death were his own parents. Earl had
told me that he was a private person and wished to
remain so, so I've never reveled his last name.
Similarly Brent's parents were elderly and wished to
remain anonymous. What changed? About a year
ago I was contacted by a friend of mine who brokers
Hollywood memorabilia stating that he was
brokering the PKE Meter and I authenticated it as
the one I saw. It took about 6 months and it ended
up selling for well over 5 figures. Now even more of
the props that Brent's parents had are showing up
in the market place, I can only assume that Brent's
parents have past and the family is selling the
collection off.

For many years I've been derided, harassed and
exiled over not posting who owns the PKE Meter.
My choice was simple, keep my word. I promised
the people involved that I would keep them
unknown, the last thing that elderly people need is a
hoard of psycho fans calling them up harassing
them over a prop their dead son built. When I
announced that Modern Props rented the prop to
the production a psycho fan really threw a wrench
into the works by calling them up and claiming to be
me then continued to take down all the bridges I
had built.

Ironically The same people who derided me for not
releasing the makers name or the then current
owners, derided me for releasing the makers of the
light caps. Let's get this right, they wanted me to
release the name of a private collector who wanted
to be left alone V.
S. They didn't want to release the
name of the company, who sells a product, who
wants to sell a product, who doesn't want to be left
alone? What's the motivation here?

Lastly who owns the PKE Meter? I don't know, it
was sold under a confidentiality clause signed by
my friends company.