The PKE Meter- From generic
prop to a Ghostbusters
The PKE Meter as we have come to know it was first built as a rental prop and has
been seen within several movies and television

They Live
Suburban Commando
Knight Rider
Misfits Of Science

The list goes on.
Seen here for the first time are pictures from my
personal documentation of this original screen
used prop. These pictures are my property and
are not to be used for any other purpose than
display on my webpage without my express
The body was modified from an Iona shoe polisher model SP-1.
The Iona Shoe polisher came in several colors with red and green being the most
prevalant but the PKE was built from a green one as seen in this vintage photo.
Starting from the begining, the shoe polisher had the interior parts removed and all
mounting points, screw bosses, and ribs removed. The holes for the factory screws
were filled. The end of the handle was capped off with .060" plastic and the flange
was sanded level with the rest of the handle. A hole for a switch was added to the
upper shell rear plate, this serves as the main power switch . On the lower rear plate
a hole for the power adapter was added in the center and a hole for a T1 L.E.D. just
to the side. The power adapter charges the batteries or allows it to run on the adaptor
and the L.E.D. is a power on indicator.
The screws for the handle were placed just behind the power switch and a mating
screw boss was added to the inside. The black tape seen here was added by the then
current owner and not used in the movie.
The stock vent hole was opened and flared out at the base to accommodate the speed
control for the lights.
PKE Meter
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