The forward most edges on both top and bottom shells were sharpened to try to hide the
fact that this was built from the shoe polisher.
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On the side the filler plate that held the power switch was removed and the hole
enlarged to accept an addition of an arm. The areas where the plate met with the body
were smoothed in with filler. On the other side a like hole was added for it's arm.
On the top of the top shell a control plate was added that contours to the body and rises
up with an area to be used as a screen. This screen was made from .060" clear plastic
with lines scribed every .100" vertical and horizontal. Originally as built this panel's
scribe lines faced outward but after a time they filed with dirt and was cleaned and
flipped to face inward. The screen was colored by use of a medium green theatrical
lighting gel. Behind this screen was placed fourteen small incandescent light bulbs. These
lights produced a pattern on the small green screen, either a straight line from upper
right to bottom left or a curve from about 3/4 upper left to bottom right according to how
the screen switch is positioned. Each pattern uses seven lights.
On the control plate a series of three rectangular L.E.D.s is placed just below the screen,
from left to right yellow, red, green. The yellow L.E.D. blinks when the screen switch is
placed to the left and the green L.E.D. blinks when the screen switch is placed to the
right. The screen switch cover was made from a couple of modified model parts. The red
L.E.D. lights when the power is on. Down towards the base of the control plate is
another set of red rectangular L.E.D.s and just below these are pairs of pure silver wire.
When a set of wires is bridged by a finger the L.E.D. directly above it lights, the screen
lights and sequences and the arms extend and also light. Depending on which pairs of
wires are bridged the arms will extend approximately half way or to full extention, right
pair for half, left pair for full. At first this set of touch switches were the only two on this
prop but after a while it was decided to add a second set just at the base of the handle
after it had been used. The reasoning was to make it easier for the operation of the device
after it had been used, the actors had a hard time using it as it required two hands to
reach the switches. There were also reports that actors would get their hands either stuck
in between the body and the arms or that the arms would get covered by the actors hand
and would cause problems. The second set of switches were added before Ghostbusters.
The hump where the brush spindle is located was removed and the whole area was
filed in and contoured to the rest of the body. The lettering was also removed. Along
the bottom a series of seven ribs made from .080" X .080" square plastic was added
with the outer most piece's ends tapered towards the center. Two new smaller holes
were added for screws to hold the top together.
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