An original Proton Pack built
for Universal Studios "walk
I've finally got my hands on an original Universal Studios
Ghostbusters Proton Pack. This pack is the first style used
by Universal, made of cast hard rubber originating from a
cast out the "stunt pack" mold from the first movie. The
gun is the same. They used a vinyl coated steel flex
conduit for the wand hose. It has fully operational lights
and runs from a Makita rechargeable battery. The person
who had this had it since 1991 when Universal switched to
the Vacuformed packs, This one weighs in at around 35
Here we have a nice
shot of the power cell
the lights, several
green leds per bar,
chase from top to
bottom while the
cyclotron lights
toggle diagonally.
The frame of the
stunt pack cast was
rebuilt since the pack
mold was cut right
across it.
Here you can see one
of the clayups from the
stunt pack under the
PPD . You can also
see the large V-hook
and the cast in crank
is missing the outer
portion of the spinner.
You can also see the
upper ribbon cable
mount under the
bottom box. The brass
fittings are Parker.
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