UNI-Pack page two
On the stunt pack
cast the Ion arm was
reversed so they cut it
loose and placed it
back correctly on this
one's master. The
cast in resistor is a
Dale and the blue
hose is a wire.
The small
resistor is a
Dale as
well. The
resistor is
missing as
it is in the
Video! (see
link below)
The bumper
was not in
the batch of
molds found
with the
stunt pack
molds so
this one was
built from
scratch and
molded into
the cast.
The shockmount is another style and again is molded in.
There are three leds mounted in the face of the N-filter that
also toggle with the cyclotron.
this hole
on other
The pack
is powered
by a
located in
this flap.
Note the rocker switch, main power, and the fuse box is
actually hooked up.
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