The Ghostbusters Giga-meter
The scrubber was disassembled and most of it tossed
into the scrap bin. The parts that remained were the
main body right and left sides and the battery door:
Next up the body was glued together along with the
rear battery door. The top front of the handle was
rounded , the motor hump removed and the area
smoothed in the body. The battery door flange was
removed as was the flange around the body and
handle. The body was also cut lenthwise along the
belt line :
The area surrounding the front of the handle was
built up forming a box. The area on the rear top of
the body was filed down to more match the area
just forward to it and to add a sharp line parallel to
the new part line. On this new area on either side
were placed four styrene rectangles with the
forward one being angled to mate with the new
handle box. Four strips of styrene were placed
from the rear of the handle top to the front. A
piece resembling a protractor was placed on the
top of the main body in the area that is round:
Giga-meter page three