The Ghostbusters Giga-meter
Next up the bottom:
The bottom was sanded flat and what looks like a
series of boxes is actually just one large box made to
look like
four boxes. These were built by making strips that
over lap a central box. Just foward of this is a
finned part that is
made up of nineteen parts, ten high fins and nine
low fins:
The scan head was constructed of a dome made by
Plastruct that is 2 3/4", a spacer approximately 1/2"
tall by 2 3/4" , a disk of acrylic 2 3/4" x 1/8" , a
telephone cord detangler and several 1/8" acrylic
rod bits. The acrylic rods were cut to 1/4" and
arranged in an X pattern on the surface of the
dome. Lights were mounted behind these rods so
that they each had a light. The telephone cord
detangler is used to provide power to the lights
while the dome is spinning:
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