Brent Kling has been involved in the
entertainment industry for more than a
decade. As a young boy, his interest in
Science fiction drove his hobbies and
education in electronics, woodworking,
metal smithing, fine crafts and arts.
This education formed from his
hobbies and interest in film drove him
to seek out movie props and models.
Some of his credits include building
electronics for Halloween displays,
building set pieces for display
purposes at conventions, repairing
historical, movie and television props
and models, finishing theme park ride
elements and working with John Long
Props And Models Inc.

  As an associate with John Long
Props And Models Inc. He had the
opportunity of a life time to not only
document several original Star Trek
filming props but to also help bring
them to market as licenced kits to build
fully functional, period accurate prop
replicas. To learn more about the
licenced Star Trek kits visit John
Long's webpage at:

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