Created for the Monsters
Inc: Mike And Sully To The
Rescue California
Adventure theme park John
mastered and cast, I
cleaned up , sanded and
filled  ,  prepped and
painted along with John.
These are push buttons,
bezels, lenses and vents
for used on the CDA
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Repairs made on filming and
non filming models:
Large scale Friendship 7 Mercury
Capsule made repairs to the
escape tower.
Saturn 1-B Rocket large scale
model. Made minor repairs to
the escape tower and
reattached a couple of pipes
that fell off.
Saturn I and Saturn I-B large
scale models. The one to the
left needed some parts
reattached. The one to the
right had the entire lower
section shattered along with
parts knocked loose. Repairs
were made to the broken
section using the original parts
and it was decided to leave
the broken fins as they were.
Skylab prototype model.
Reattached solar panels
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