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Resume Photo Page 3
Large scale Skylab display model. Reattached interior equipment and
figures also repaired bottom tank.
Moby Dick outboat. Extensive repairs to the figures which are about 1 foot
tall, repairs to the rudder, benches and rope table. We also set the model up
for the auction's photo shoot.  
Star Trek Enterprise Archer's Flier model. Reattached rear fins and
Convention Booths
John Long Props And Models INC. Booth for Grand Slam 2006. This was
made to promote the acquisition of the Star Trek licence.  On display
were the three magazine articles from The Star Trek Communicator
Magazine in which John wrote about the original Phaser, Communicator
and Tricorder props along with the props featured in the articles. Items I
made for the booth include the computer consoles, chairs and brandy
bottle. I also provided the stunt Tricorder and Tribble props.