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The flier that was
handed out at the
2006 convention
advertising our
Phaser one kit. This
kit hit the market in
2007 and was an
instant success. For
this kit I helped John
in virtually every
aspect of this kit from
concept to finish.
John's phaser page
For further information on our Phaser One Prop Kit please visit:
The Communicator
prop kit. I documented
the original screen used
Classic Star Trek
Communicators used as
reference and mold
masters for this kit.
For more information on our Communicator Kit please visit:
John's Communicator Page
My Resume Photo Page one
Star Trek Where No Man Has Gone Before Phaser Rifle.  John enlisted
me to draw the blueprints for his build for this future kit.
This is the screen used original Wrist Link from Quantum Leap's fourth
season opener The Leap Back.  It came to me in several pieces and I was
asked to repair it. After some long hard studying I determined what was in
need of repair and performed all needed repairs including replacing one of
the burnt out L.E.D.s which by now has been out of production for well
over 15 years. Repairs were also done to the electronics which in it's time
since the show had been altered. I returned it to it's on screen
functionality. I also replaced the wire running from the wrist unit to the
main control / battery box. This was a real joy to bring this important and
unique piece of Quantum Leap back to life.