Sony's Convention Proton
So you've heard of, if not seen the Sony Convention
Proton Packs for yourself. Theses were a set of four
Proton Packs that were built for use as promotional
walk around billboards initially for the Activision
Ghostbusters The Video Game. One of these packs
had a video screen attached to it to display trailers
for the game. They had made a commercial shoot
for the video game and a few convention
appearances for other purposes as well. Here we'll
have look at these packs and their detail parts, a
departure from the screen used packs.
First up is the Crank Knob this is a vintage Hewlett
Packard knob and is quite rare. I find this to be the
most elegant part of this build.
Next up is the plastic elbows these were made by Sea
Tech and are sold at home improvement stores
under the name Watts part # PL-3009 found in the
plumbing section.
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