Sony's Convention Proton
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On to the brass fittings. Three types were used all
made by Parker. Replacing the Legris straights are
part # XW68Pl-4-4 .
Replacing the Clippard hex fitting appears to be part
#129hb-4-2. Replacing the small Clippard nipples on
the gun appears to be part #125hbl-4-2 these are also
used on the "Large Resistor" .
The small Resistor is believed to be a gold Dale piece
painted black .
The Large Resistor is nothing more than a two inch
section of split loom with one of the Parker nipples
stuffed in the top and the hose leading up from the
slant topped cylinder stuffed in the bottom with a
piece of 1/4" split loom used as a boot.
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