Ghostbusters visual guide
1. Proton Pack with Positron Glider (1A)
2. Slimepack with Slimeblower (2A)

3. Psychic Disturbance Neutralizer tripod traps

4. GhostTrap with Pedal (4A)
5. Slime Scoop

Sensor devices:
6 .PKE Meter Psycho Kinetic Energy
7. Giga-Meter
8. KUD Kenetic Unit Detector
9. Globuscope- Modified to Photograph Kirlian
10. Monitor 4 emotion detector
11. Sniffer
12. Grey Box meter
13. Latent Image Sensor LIS
14. Ecto goggles or Ecto visor
15. Electric Stethophones
16. Sound level meter, Modified to detect very low

16. Egon's Pocket Computer
17. Lifegard
18. Circuit Board and pouch
19. Sanyo Voice Watch
20. Radio
21. Belt Hook
22. Trap Hook
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